Friday, May 4, 2012

Coloring Medium Toned Skin and Dark Hair with Copics

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my tutorial for
Color Me Copic Club
Today I will be showing what I use for
Medium Toned Skin and Dark Hair

that could be for either Hispanic, Asian, or African-Amerian....

As we are an

I myself am Mexican and Afro American
yet when you see me at times I could pass
for Philippino, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican,
Brazilian and the list goes on and on

My family is a small melting pot as
we have
Mexican, African-American, Japanese, Polish, and
Puerto Rican in our blood for now lol

People would ask me what do you consider yourself
either Mexican or African-American
which when I was young did not know how to answer that

I was raised by my Spanish speaking Abuela (grandma/nana)
which mind you REFUSED to speak English.
She is now 87 and still refuses to speak the language
Oh don't let her fool ya - she completely understands everything you say

BTW - I am proud to speak both languages fluently - Props to Abuela.

Nevertheless we are the color of the rainbow
so who is to say what is right or wrong way to color a complexion


Digital Image - Mo's Digital Pencil
Lahra with Carrot

Medium Skin - E00, E02, E11, E12,

Hair - E15, E25, E29

Thanks for Stopping by
Huggz n Smoochez
Jess B.

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  1. Great job! Thank you for adding this instructional video. You've helped me tremendously.